Repercussions of the Boxer Rebellion Through a Political Cartoon


Repercussions of the Boxer Rebellion Through a Political Cartoon

This is a western cartoon, published by Puck magazine on the 15 of August, 1900, depicting the current situation in China during the Boxer Rebellion. The caricature of China is clearly displayed as beaten and trampled by western nations. They are fighting over the spoils of victory. From the western perspective China is clearly a conquered foe that can be divided and manipulated at will. The Qing, at this stage in their reign, are clearly unable to cope with threats to Chinese authority. Once again, this is another example of China’s vulnerability and instability. China must reform in order to survive.

This is written as a Chinese reporter’s opinion evaluating a foreign cartoon.

Image from: “The Boxer Rebellion in Editorial Cartoons,” accessed December 2, 2013,¬†